I’m making it an early night.  Thanks for your well wishes for my UTI, I tried to move my appointment up, but it was a no go.  Seriously, I’m glad I wasn’t in labor or anything.  I’ve also reached my maximum for Uristat, so the timing couldn’t have worked out better.  I plan on turning in early and sleeping the rest of the night away, then first thing in the morning I get an antibiotic.  Have I mentioned how much I love Uristat, I should by stock.

Dinner: 5.8.08: Well Rounded?

Whole wheat pasta with tomato sauce, steamed broccoli and grilled chicken
Salad with cucumber, feta and lite vinaigrette

Now it’s time for my date with a hot water bottle and Netflix.  Have I mentioned that Netflix is my boyfriend?  Yeah, pathetic, but true.