Wow, this is going up late.  I’ve been uber busy.  I’ve also been in uber pain, I’ve some how gone and given myself a UTI, otherwise known as my insides trying to fall outside.  I have a doctors appt. on Friday, but Friday seems like a long time away.  I may not be doing too much exercise this week seeing as how laying down with a water bottle seems like the bestest idea ever.  Also, I have a crazy week, yesterday rehearsal and a show, tonight I’m going to a charity film screening, tomorrow meeting up with an old college friend.  I guess Thursday and Friday are possibly good days to get back on the exercise bandwagon and my symptoms may hopefully dissipate by then.  Sorry, I just needed to whine a little bit, and well it’s my blog and I control the writing, so whine I shall.  Okay, done now, on to the food.

Dinner from 5.5.08: Not much of a Cinco de Mayo

Salad with walnuts, cucumber, feta and vinaigrette
Boca burger with lite cheese on whole grain roll

Breakast 5.6.08: Totally uncreative

2 hard boiled eggs (in reality I only ate one and a half)
Green tea

Lunch 5.6.08: Vegetables are good for you and me and the entire human race

Roasted vegetable sandwich with feta and whole wheat roll
String Cheese
Apple Sauce


I’m off in search of cranberry juice and some Advil.