I ate junk food yesterday, which is not like me, and I totally feel it today.  My body is pissed-off.  I will be drinking a lot of water and eating many fruits and vegetables to try and get back to normal working order as quickly as possible.  One of the ways my body got back at me for eating Chinese takeout yesterday was by getting up earlier than normal.  Now when you get up at 5am normally, any earlier than that is just crazy talk, but this morning 3:30am seemed like good enough for my body, so I hung out in the darkness of my apartment for a few hours.  Good times.

Breakfast: 5.5.08-Happy Cinco de Mayo!!!

Cereal with 1% milk
Coffee w/half and half and sugar (I grabbed it on the go, and I’m out of splenda!)
Lunch 5.5.08: No Fiesta for me 🙁

Grilled Vegetable Sandwich (eggplant, zucchini, mushrooms and yellow pepper) on a whole wheat roll with goat cheese.  I like to put these in the toaster oven at work and get them all melty, yummm.
Apple Sauce (have I mentioned that apple sauce is one of my comfort foods?)
No exercise for me today, I’ve got rehearsal then I’m seeing a show at a bar.  Don’t I sound cool?