I’m not always as responsible with the whole weighing and measuring myself as I should be, but I remembered today.  Here are the current stats:

Weight: 147
Bust: 38
Waist: 28
Hips: 38
R. Thigh: 22
R. Arm: 12

I’ve had a pretty productive day so far.  I got up far to early for a Saturday, hit the gym before anyone else, I ran and did some stair climbing, then bought myself a celebratory latte.  Once I ate, showered, did some housekeeping, I went to the local nail salon for a mani/pedi because I deserve it, and I have a date tonight.

Breakfast: 5.3.08: My Omelet Skills are Deteriorating

3-egg white Omelet with lite cheese
1 slice whole grain bread
small skim latte (not pictured)

I used to be pretty amazing at omelet making, but my last few have been looking pretty grim.  But hey, as long as there’s eggs and cheese I’m happy.

Lunch 5.3.08: Going Light

1 cup grapes
Salad with cucumber, feta, walnuts and lite vinaigrette

Like I mentioned above, I have a date tonight, so i wanted to have a pretty lite lunch to counteract the probably heavy French fare I’ll be eating later.

Off to prettify myself, have a great weekend!