Well, last night wasn’t exactly what I’d expected it to be, but it wasn’t completely off either.  I hurried my booty to the Thursday night spin class I planned on taking only to learn that it was already full.  Unfortunately, because I was planning on being in a class, I didn’t bring my iPod and I’m completely incapable of doing cardio without music, so off to home I went.  But did that stop me from exercising?  No.  It did not.  I did something I very sorely needed to do, strength training.  I popped in two of my favoritist strength videos: Jiggle Free Abs and Jiggle Free Arms (which also has a cardio component).  Yay, exercise accomplished.  Then I made myself a gigantic salad that I couldn’t finish:

Dinner 5.1.08: Spring Salad

Salad with tomato, cucumber, feta, grilled chicken, walnuts and lite vinaigrette.

Today is a brand new day, with brand new spin class opportunities.  So, my gym bag is packed and I’m heading right to the gym after work for a 90-minute Spin class.  If that doesn’t make my booty two inches higher I don’t know what will.  Meanwhile today is temptation central.  There’s a pizza party at work to welcome new upper management.  I brought soup.  There will always be more pizza right?  Probably better pizza.  Pizza is not going out of fashion anytime soon, I assume.  So, soup it is.  But first, breakfast:

Breakfast: 5.2.08-Quick and Easy

Honey Nut Trader O’s and 1% milk
There was coffee too but it wasn’t finished brewing when I took the picture

Lunch: 5.2.08: It aint pizza, that’s for sure

Vegetable Soup
Two Bananas

Now I’ve got to hurry up and look busy so people think I do something around here.