Thursdays are so confusing for me because I shoot Thursday and Friday episodes of The Daily Special (shhhh, that’s a secret), so by the time I get to work I’ve pretty much convinced myself it’s Friday.  Thursdays are so disheartening in that sense.  I wore my “skinny” jeans last night, trying to break them in, I figured a two hour comedy club excursion would be the perfect waistband release opportunity.  There was of course a 2-drink minimum, so two diet cokes it was (seriously, I’m that lame)  I like to save my weekly alcohol allowance on weekend socializing, not sitting alone at comedy clubs.  I ducked home for all of 20-minutes to eat a quick dinner (leftovers) before I dashed off to be morally supportive of some friends who also happen to be stand-ups.  Here’s the dinner recap:

Dinner 4.30.08-Indianish

Saag Paneer
Half piece of Naan bread

It honestly wasn’t the best Indian food I’d ever had, especially not reheated, but it was most certainly the quickest option I had.

Now for Today’s Specials:

Breakfast: 5.1.08

2 eggs over hard
1 slice toast (I know there are two there, but I only ate one)
Coffee with 1% milk and splenda

Lunch 5.1.08

Black bean and vegetable soup

Seriously people, I will not be getting scurvy anytime soon.  I’m a fruit ingesting machine.  Also, it’s May, when did that happen?

Tonight, I’m going to a spin class with one of my favoritist instructors ever and doing some weight training before heading out and about for the evening, because that’s how I roll.  And by that I mean, I’m sweaty.  Hot.