Can I confess that I haven’t yet opened my May issue of SELF, so I don’t know what I’m supposed to be doing in this months SELF Challenge.  Hmmm, perhaps that’s a challenge for tonight.

Yesterday I did my headshots.  The photographer, Chris Macke, did a fantastic job and there are so many good shots, but based on what I’m doing and want to do with my career, I think my choices are these two:


Of course those are the un-retouched versions.  I’ll be even more awesome after the magic of photo shop is used to remove shadows and stray hairs and such.

Meanwhile as I was busy getting pictures taken I was also busy eating things that I totally didn’t post.  So, here is my recap from yesterday as well as today’s confessional.

Wednesday 4.23.08


Two hard-boiled eggs

I grabbed some fruit before I left for the shoot, but didn’t actually have time for “lunch”  but I was starving by the time I got home.

Okay, I may have been starving when I got home, but it being Passover, and me being a bad shopper left me with very few satiating options, so I made due with what I had.  I can’t say I was thrilled with my dinner, but I ate.

Smoothie with 1% milk, banana, and frozen strawberries (it really tasted like a strawberry shake, how could I not have known this sooner!)
Matzo Brie, one egg one piece of matzo



Seriously I’m embarrassed by how boring my food intake is.  I could have made the picture more interesting had I positioned the banana and the eggs differently.  Damn, why didn’t I think of a phallic breakfast earlier!

2 Hard-boiled eggs
Coffee with 1% milk


Lowfat vanilla yogurt


Yeah, I don’t know where this one came from.  Necessity is the root of all truly bizarre dinners.

2 egg whites scrambled with steamed broccoli and tomato
Lite Cheese

Seriously, WTF?  I have no idea where this stuff comes from.  Luckily Passover only lasts another day and a half.  All I want is a chocolate cookie and some fried chicken.  Mmmm, fried chicken.