Missions accomplished.  Everything checked out well at the doctor, I hit the gym after work.  I’m going to turn in extra early so that I look super refreshed for my photo shoot tomorrow.  Done and done. 

On the food front I’ve come to the conclusion that I’m sort of boring.  Or at least not that thorough of a shopper.  It could be both really.  I got home today ready to make dinner and realized I didn’t have all that much to eat in the fridge.  I had eggs, yogurt, fruit and vegetables.  I’d already eaten fruit, yogurt and eggs today, well that leaves vegetables.  I ended up making and omelet and some steamed veggies for dinner.  Since I’d already had some yolk this morning I didn’t feel like it was a good idea to eat whole eggs so I stuck with just the whites.  Yawn, even I’m bored by this post.

Dinner 4.22.08: Boring and incredible, edible, eggs.

Three eggwhite omelet filled with spinach, tomato and low fat cheese
Steamed brocolli

Exercise: 3 mile run.

My yoga buddy bailed and since sometimes Bikram leaves my skin sort of ruddy I figured for the sake of good photos I’d postpone excessive sweating till tomorrow night.  No seriously, I’m not even make excuses.  Alright, maybe a little, but my buddy bailed too. . .