I did go to the gym to take a spin class today, hurrah!   It wasn’t all that hard, but I’ve got to remember that I’ve been spinning for many years and have even been certified to teach and I can’t expect every class to challenge me the way it may have 6 years ago.  Alack, I did burn about 400 calories, at least so says my trusty heart rate monitor.  I didn’t however do the ab video I was planning on doing when I got home.  I was hungry and once I ate didn’t feel like crunches were that awesome of an idea.  I really do have this bizarre block toward strength training.  I hate it, I will forever find ways around it.  I know that it’s important and that I need to do it for the safety and health of my body, but I really do have no interest in it what so ever.  I could do cardio all day long and love it.  Hmmm.  I do like Bikram and Pilates and stuff like that but do they count enough toward strength training?

Anyhoo, here’s dinner:

Dinner 4.21.08: Passover’s finest

Salad with lettuce, tomato, cucumber, goat cheese and lite vinaigrette
Grilled zucchini
Grilled steak (lean cut)

New goal: Strength train a minimum of 2X a week.  I mean that’s part of the Self Challenge right?  And that’s what this blog is about, yes?  Darnit, I hate when I guilt myself into doing things that are good for me.