Whew, I love Brooklyn, I love New York, I love being back to the real world!  I hate Passover, but I’ll deal.  I have to say that this week is more about surviving Passover than the SELF Challenge.  I probably won’t get all my grains in, we’re just going to have to accept that, because well, grains are pretty much prohibited for me till next Saturday.  So, I’ll consider this a chance to cleanse my system with oodles of fresh fruits and vegetables such.  Speaking of which, I need to go grocery shopping, the fruits and veggies are going to have to wait till tonight.

Breakfast 4.21.08: Omeletting you get me some breakfast.
I just realized I forgot to email myself the picture of today’s breakfast. 
To be added later.

Omelette with 1 egg and 1 egg white and 2% cheese.
Coffee with 1% milk and splenda.

Lunch 4.21.08: Trying to find appropriate food in an inappropriate world

Lowfat Vanilla Yogurt
Fruit Salad

The Greek yogurt with preserves I usually opt for has corn starch, so I had to pass on that.  There are many a bizarre rule about Pesadic foods like no legumes, no rice, no corn or peas.  Seriously, I think all of that is taking it a bit too far, but I try to observe the best I can.  I am however thrilled about in-season watermelon.  I have a fetish for watermelon, and by that I mean, when I go home I go all Gallagher on a watermelon, spread it all around my apartment then rub my body down with the mangled watermelon carcass.  Or not. I just really, really like watermelon and have a sort of Pavlovian barking response to it being in my presence.  I MUST INGEST WATERMELON.  There I said it.  I’m not ashamed.

I don’t have rehearsal tonight, for a change, so I’m going to hit up a Monday night spin class, which I’m uber excited for.  Spinning has always been my cardio workout of choice, but I had forsaken it for stairclimbing in my training regimen.  Now that the climb is over I feel like I can rightfully take my spot on a stationary bike with only one wheel, where I belong.  I also plan on doing an Ab video when I get home.  Can you smell bathing suit season approaching?