I’m heading out to my homeland of Long Island tonight (feel free to imagine this post in the voice of Fran from the Nanny).  My BFF is having some man issues so me and my other BeFri are having a cheer her up sleepover/candy fest complete with a multitude of Colin Firth movies to lighten her mood.  I warn you, there will be much junk food and take out ingested, and I feel no guilt about eating junk food with my girls.  Saturday is cleaning day, and Sunday is family Seder for Passover, my mother just IM’d me with the long list of foods that will be present.  I have a very small family, so I’m not sure who she thinks is going to eat all this food, but gosh darnit, I’ll try my best.  This may be my last post till Sunday, I’ll do a recap when I get back.  And I weighed in this morning to not have to acknowledge the amount of weight I plan on gaining this weekend.  I’m holding steady at 149, cool.  My body likes to stay at a certain weight for a super long time and I’m cool with that.  I also only worked out once this week in exchange for 2 full nights of sleep, woohoo!  I packed a kickboxing video and have some firm DVDs at my parents house, so should have options should I choose to get my ass in gear.

Meanwhile in the land of ingestion, here’s what’s happening:

Breakfast 4.18.08: The last breakfast

Kashi Go Lean with Strawberries and 1% milk
A troth of coffee

Lunch 4.18.08: I have to eat the Bananas before they go bad

Vegetable Soup (this is the last of it, hopefully my farting days are over)
2 almost rotten bananas (yeah that’s how I roll)

I did not workout this morning, I slept till the sweetly late hour of 7:15am, for someone that normally gets up at 5am, 7:15 is so luxurious.  I know this will all end this weekend when I visit my family.  My father (who gets up normally at around 4:30am-we’re total freaks I know) likes to wake up super early even on weekends and blast NPR, really there’s nothing like socially conscious radio penetrating through your ear drums at 6am on Saturday to make you feel all warm and fuzzy on the inside.