I left work early yesterday to do some fashion segments with our fashion guru Katharine Sise at her studio. Katharine used to be an actress before she was a famous jewelery designer, just like I used to be an actress before I became a talk show host (really, they might seem the same, but they are so different), so she’s great on camera and alway reliably entertaining. But, the moral of this excerpt is that I had time to make a well rounded dinner before my show. I lot of people have emailed me or commented that I don’t seem like I eat enough, sometimes that’s because I’ve forgotten to post my dinner for the day, and sometimes that’s because my schedule gets so crazy that I don’t have time/access to enough food. Trust me, I love to eat and I am nowhere near in danger of an unhealthy relationship with food. So, I savored the extra time to actually cook dinner last night before performing. And here’s what happened:

Dinner 4.17.08: Like Olive Garden only less gross

Salad with lettuce, tomato, cucumber, goat cheese (mmm, cheese) and lite vinaigrette
Pasta with sauteed mushrooms and zuccini and tomato sauce

I hadn’t had pasta in forever and next week is passover, so I figured I’d get some luxuriously leven bread products in before the week I like to call G-d’s version of the South Beach Diet begins. For those of you that read this blog regularly this may be confusing, because I’ve mentioned observing Christian and Jewish holidays multiple times, and there’s a very simple reason for that. I am a Cashew, or a Catholic-Jew. I’m half Jewish and Half Catholic and I like to believe a big part of our culture and where we come from is derived from religion, it doesn’t all have to do with spiritual belief, so I observe the best I can the cultural aspects of both. So next week is my least favorite week ever, I can’t have bread, pasta, rice, legumes, corn syrup, beer, corn (I don’t actually like corn so that’s no skin off my back), peas. It’s basically a lot of salads, meat, vegetables, eggs. Sure I can eat matzo, but matzo is just about the most boring food on the planet. Be prepared for many a bitchy post next week, I’m bringing cranky back. . .