Last night I fully expected to work out, but I got home, ate dinner and fell asleep for many, many hours.  And well, it was really needed.  I hadn’t had a full nights sleep in well over a week so it was so refreshing to wake up this morning without the feeling of exhaustion and dread my days have normally started off with.  I really need to figure out a way to work in exercise, rehearsal, eating, writing, working, shooting and sleep.  Generally sleep is the part of this equation that is most often sacrificed.  But that is so not a good thing, in fact on FitSugar this week the mentioned that inadequate sleep can be a major player in stalled weight loss.  So, what’s a girl to do.  I really do have an almost unbearably packed schedule.  Any suggestions?  Is it okay to skip the gym in lieu of nap time?

Meanwhile, here’s last night’s dinner:

Dinner 4.16.08: Pre-Naptime Snack

Grilled Chicken in a soy-sesame marinade
Steamed Brocolli

Truly exciting stuff here, I know. . .