One week from today I’m getting new headshots taken. I’ve been putting off this process for about 2-years, and I’m definitely overdue for some current pictures. Headshots are ridiculously expensive, and you only get them once every few years. This little fact is keeping me on track right now, because let me tell you last night all I wanted was fried chicken (why is it always fried chicken? I think I must have been Colonal Sanders in a past life.) I’m also trying to be super aware of my skin! I tend to have this thing where I make small blemishes bigger blemishes by pinching and prodding at them until they are completely inflamed. It’s taking quite a bit of self control not to mutilate myself.

Breakfast: 4.16.08: Potassium is all the rage

Kashi Go Lean with Banana and 1% milk

Lunch: 4.16.08: Hording, like a squirrel

Banana (more potassium)
Vegetable Soup
Greek Yogurt with Peach
Baby Carrots with Ranch Dressing

Okay, yeah that’s a lot of food, but after work I’m going straight to the gym for a run, then heading to Bikram for 90-minutes of yoga so I won’t be eating dinner till about 9:30 and need to have something to hold me over/keep me hydrated (hence the bananas)

Off to work to be a productive member of society, sigh. . .