Well I’m back, I’d like to say better than ever, but I’m pretty much the same.  My weight held steady.  There was a scale in my hotel (seriously who wants to weigh themselves on vacation?)  Saturday it was at 149 which means I’m exactly the same.  Honestly, I’m happy with that.

Now that I’m back home it’s back to my hectic life of pre-planned meals and finding time for workouts between regularly scheduled programming.  Today is no different, here’s what I’ve got for you:

Breakfast 4.15.08: Fiber is Fiberific!

Kashi Go Lean with Strawberries and 1% milk
The motherload of coffee

Lunch/Snack 4.15.08: Tax Day Food

2% Greek Yogurt with Peach
Vegetable Soup (I went slow cooker happy last night)

Exericise and Dinner:
Not sure yet, might have plans with a friend, so it’s all still up in the air.  I’ll keep you updated.