I have to say that I’m a bit disappointed in my food branding choices lately.  I’m really an organic food person, I believe in eating real foods, fresh foods in their natural states and not turning myself into a science experiment ala my food choices.  Yet, looking at the foods I’ve been eating I wonder what has been going on in my head during trips to the super market.  Egg beaters?  I never eat that stuff, I eat real eggs.  Mass Oscar Myer Turkey Bacon, gross, who am I?  I usually by the overpriced yet slightly more real looking organic turkey bacon.  Kraft 2% shredded cheese, seriously have I been invaded by body snatchers?  Really, I’m so confused and a little grossed out by myself.  You live you learn I guess, I’m just not sure where this new found “appreciation” for processed foods came from.  Having said that here’s breakfast:

Breakfast 4.9.08: Industrial strength breakfast

Scrambled Egg Beaters with light cheese
Turkey Bacon
Whole Wheat Toast (at least the bread was real!)

Lunch 4.9.08: Same Shite Different Day

Seriously I’ve just been using the same picture all week, it’s the samething
Tuna Sandwhich (with light mayo) on Whole Wheat Bread
Celery with Peanut Butter