Considering I eat the same things day in and day out this is getting fairly boring.  I feel like my daily menu is a lot less boring when I’m not adhereing to any sort of diet plan.  I mean as far as diets go The Self Challenge, is pretty mild and easy to follow, but the restriction makes me fairly uncreative, which is saddening, I must say.  But alack, a girl must eat. 

Dinner 4.08.08

String Beans (I didn’t buy a ton of fresh produce this week, knowing I’d be leaving for Miami, so canned was the best I could do)
Baked Falafel, Whole Wheat Pita, Salad, Tahini sauce, Hot Sauce

I knew that working out was a priority, but was not at all about dealing with the post work rush at the gym, so I went home, ate an early dinner, did some work then hit the gym at 9pm, which was great, except I could definitely feel the food in my stomach.  Perhaps if I’m going to opt for late night workouts I should stick to smoothies for dinner and eat heavier meals earlier in the day.  Just a thought I’m considering.  On the upside I ran 3 miles and climbed 70 flights of stairs according to the treadclimber.  Not bad.  I may be ready for the stair climb on Saturday, that doesn’t mean I’m looking forward to being trapped in a stairwell racing against other people for 55 flights, but at least I’m fairly certain I can do it. 

Exercise Tally:
3-Mile Run
70 Flights (20 minutes) Stair Climbing