I got up this morning early and ready to hit the gym, then I discovered that my iPod, which I thought had been charging over night was completely drained.  I’m totally incapable of exercising without music, which means that I got up early for naught.  I did however make a real breakfast, shower, and drink my coffee in a civilized manner.  I won’t get home till very late tonight, but since I was unable to workout this morning I’m going to spend my lunch hour walking and perhaps do some home strength training before I hit the pillow. 

I did however plan my weeks worth of meals and workouts yesterday and feel light-years better going into this week than I did last.  I have groceries, food prepared,  and a plane ticket to Miami for Thursday.  Eeeek, my climb is this Saturday!

Breakfast 4.7.08: Classic American Breakfast with a lite twist

Egg Beaters, scrambled with lite cheese
Turkey Bacon
Whole Wheat Toast

Lunch 4.7.08: Murcury Rising

Tuna Sandwich with low fat mayo on whole wheat bread
Celery with Peanut Butter

I’ll also be having a light beer tonight, while I see a show in a bar.  I’m a classy broad.