Yes, I’m just pissing away money.  I know, I should totally just make time to hit up the grocery store, but there just isn’t time sometimes.  Plus, I’m leaving a week from today for the Stair Climb, and I feel like why stock my fridge when I’m not going to be around to enjoy it.  Is that an excuse?  Yeah, I’ll make time to shop.

Meanwhile, I got home late, woke up late and went straight to the studio, so breakfast was improvised. 

Breakfast 4.3.08: Deli-Delish
breakfast 4.3
Mixed Berries
2 Hard Boiled Eggs (Have I discussed my weird obsession and undying love for eggs.  They truly are incredible-edible.)

Then came lunch time, and by came I mean it couldn’t come soon enough. I was totally starving!  So, back to the deli I went for a salad.  Totally Challenge friendly, I might add!

Lunch 4.3.08: Making up for lost veggies
lunch 4.3
Salad with: Lettuce, tomato, cucumber, avocado, chick peas, turkey, blue cheese and balsamic vinegar
Green Tea

I’ve been reading all the super awesome health benefits of green tea.  It’s taking some getting used to, but I’m trying to drink it more.  All those anti-oxidants, it’s metabolism boosting qualities, it’s skin saving attributes, it’s awesome.  But I’ve got to say, I still think green tea ice cream is GROSS!

Exercise: OMG, I’m such a slacker and by slacker I mean I’m really busy.  Tonight I have to meet up with a friend for happy hour (I’m playing wing-woman) then we’re heading over to a charity comedy event to raise money for terror victims.  I shouldn’t feel guilting for missing the gym if I’m doing something good for the world right?