Ahhhh, I’m the worst example ever.  Kids, don’t do as I do, do as I say, or at least how I’d like to do had I more prep time.  I still haven’t ventured off to the grocery store, which means my food choices aren’t what one would call awesome.  And, I’m getting a pimple.  And, I had to spend most of last night with my ex-boyfriend (at an audition), and I haven’t worked out since Friday.  I’m in a grumpy mood.  Cheerful comments would be appreciated.

Breakfast 4.2.08: Sort of like food, almost
1% Chocolate Milk (is a picture really necessary here?)

Lunch 4.2.08: Asian Sensation!
Tuna Rolls (I hate about 4, they weren’t so great)
Hot & Sour soup

I seriously need to rethink the integrity of deli sushi.  I mean it’s a nice deli, but still, what was I thinking.  This is not the first time I’ve made this mistake.  I’m a repeat deli-sushi offender.  I don’t know how SELF Challenge friendly this meal is, but at least it’s not majorly unhealthy, at least. . .

Dinner 4.2.08: lettuce and tomato count as vegetables, yes?
dinner 4.2
Whole wheat pita
Lettuce and Tomato
Lite Laughing Cow cheese
Turkey Bacon

I know, I know there really wasn’t enough vegetables going on in my day.  I may heat up a can of  string beans to get some vegetables into my system, but yeah, I don’t have a lot of food on hand, I’m working with what I have.  Ugh, not the best day.

Exercise, what’s that?  Haven’t done that in a while.  I think tonight is all about the Firm, which I think will count as my cardio and strength training.  I have to admit that I sort of hate the SELF challenge strength training series this month.  I’ve been slacking because avoidance is always the answer.  I really hope that no one reads this blogs and looks at me as a role model, because I’m just a model (wait, I’m not a model either).  I’m just a role.