You know how they say those who plan to fail; fail to plan?  Well, what about those that fail to shop?  I didn’t have time to buy groceries this weekend which means that I’m at the whim of my surroundings and remnants of my fridge.  That doesn’t mean I’ m off track necessarily, just not regimented as I usually am.

 Breakfast 4.1.08: April’s Fool
breakfast 4.1
Whole wheat english muffin
Peanut Butter

 Exercise tonight will be tricky.  I have a meeting after work which is my normal gym time, so I’m going to go a bit later than usually.  Which is good in the sense that it means I’m going to miss the rush, bad in the sense that it means I won’t eat dinner till 10pm.  But, hey, what can ya do?  Watch biggest loser on the treadmill apparently. . .

Lunch 4.1.08: What’s green, leafy and healthy all over?
lunch 4.1
Salad with:
Romaine lettuce
Dried Cranberries
Blue Cheese
Balsamic Vinegar

Well it’s got the healthy fat, chicken, dairy, carb.  I’d say this is a highly well rounded salad.  And it should be considering how much it cost, I mean, my astute salad buying skills.  It was on the giant side, so hopefully I can get through the rest of my day, my meeting and the gym before getting hungry again. 

In my next installment an Ode to Napping.  A truly under utilized pass-time.