Last week while I was out sick I’m pretty sure there was a conference among my coworkers.  Four people have asked me today if I’m losing weight.  I find this especially ironic because I probably gained 90lbs this weekend while visiting my friends and family.  But, hey, I’ll take it.  Just strange.  I guess my messy-sleepy look is flattering to my figure. 

The climb is less than 2 weeks away and I’m scared, but resolute that I will be totally prepared for it.  Once that’s over I’ve got a new motivation.  Headshots.  All actors need headshots, in a business that is so focused on your appearance they’re basically your business card.  The acting world is looks first, talent second; sad but true.  Mine are seriously old, they’re still in black and white which hasn’t been the industry standard for quite a few years.  Since I’m getting a tax return I figured I’d buckle down and get something tax deductible for next year.  They’re ungodly expensive, so I need to look good for them, which means even more challenge-success motivation.  After headshots are done I think I’ll start training for a half-marathon.  I definitely am the kind of person who constantly needs a carrot dangling in front of them to get my butt in gear and work harder than my comfort zone.

Speaking of my comfort zone, it must be a nice place because I totally forgot to email myself my pictures of my breakfast to add to the blog when I got to work (I’ll upload them later tonight.)  So this is a picture light entry.  I have rehearsal till late tonight, so my food is already set in stone.

Breakfast 3.31.08: Not Pictured
Oatmeal w/lite sour cream
Coffee with 1% milk and splenda
Cranberry juice

Lunch 3.31.08: That’s more like it!
lunch 3.31
Vegetable soup
Whole wheat roll

Dinner 3.31.08: Back to slack
Fage 2% yogurt with Strawberry
Whole Wheat Pita

Exercise: right now staying awake seems like enough exercise.