I’m visiting my family which can be a dangerous prospect for weight management.  My mom is lovely, and is a super-duper mom; that means that part of her mission in life is to make sure that I’m well fed, at all times…ALL TIMES.  My dad is a great dad, he is also a great candy lover and has hordes of peanut butter cups and left over Easter candy everywhere.  My parents house is like a giant diet booby-trap.  I had a large cup of coffee for breakfast and a reasonably healthy lunch, let’s see how long I can last. . .

 Lunch 3.29.08: Souper-duper
lunch 3.29
Homemade split pea soup
Homemade beer batter bread.

 Homemade, what is this magical word, what does it mean?

 Exercise.  The goal is to do an exercise video at some point today, but that usually consists of me setting up camp in my parents living room and my mom standing there staring at me and telling my father he should join me, then my father trying to keep up with the ladies of the firm.  All sorts of hilarity ensues, and yet my workout is generally feeble, perhaps I’ll wait till I get home tomorrow.