My alarm went off at 6am, I snoozed it, figuring in 5 minutes I’d get my but in gear and meet my yoga buddy for a Friday morning class.  Snooze did not resurface till 6:19 at which point I’d be way too late for class and the door would be locked.  Sorry yoga buddy.  Then I was up, basically because I felt guilt ridden, so I hit the gym for a bit of cardio, I’m still feeling sick, my chest is starting to get that elephant sitting on it feeling, which made running hard, but I trucked on through, albeit at a slower than normal speed and also hit the stair climber for 53-flights of simulated torture.  I’ve got two weeks till the climb!  Now, I’m drinking my coffee and getting prepared to go out to the land of my forefathers, and by forefathers I mean my real father and mother, I’m going home to visit the fam and perhaps be nursed by my awesomely attentive mother for the weekend.  What will that mean for my eating, who knows?  I come fro a long line of food-will-make-you-feel-better mentalities.  As for now, I’m still in control, so here’s what I’ve had:

 Breakfast 3.28.08
breakfast 3.28
Turkey Bacon BLT:
Turkey bacon
laughing cow cheese wedge
whole wheat pita
coffee (aka the blood seeping through my veins) w/splenda and 1% milk

Exercise Tally:
30 min run
15 stair climbing

I really need to get some strength training in, ehh?