Nothing is worse than using your sick day allowance on actual sickness.   The humanity!
I’m not feeling awesome, but I’m not letting that send me into a tailspin of ramen noodles and ice cream.  Is it weird that I’m a grown woman and still think of ramen soup as a reasonable dinner time choice/lunch time choice/drunk time choice.  Yeah, I love ramen soup, the salty goodness, the MSG, the fried then dehydrated noodles.  They really are pretty amazing.  Wow, now that I’ve written a love letter to ramen soup I want some.  I shall resist though.  Instead of “that college soup” as my father would call it, here’s what I’ve had today:

Breakfast 3.27.08: This one’s just right
breakfast 3.27
Oatmeal with lite sour cream
Green Tea

 Lunch 3.27.08: Even Better with hot sauce
lunch 3.27
Whole wheat pita with lettuce, baked falafel, tahini-lemon sauce
Chocolate milk made with sugar free syrup and 1% milk

Dinner 3.27.08: Some like it hot
dinner 3.27.08
Grilled chicken breast with hot sauce
Sauteed spinach with onion and garlic

I admit that I didn’t hit the gym today.  It was a lazy, nappy day.  I needed some rest and recouperation.  I do plan on hitting my AM yoga class tomorrow and may do some semblance of cardio.  I have no time to be sick, I have 55-flights of stairs with my name written all over them.