I really haven’t been feeling well lately.  Not sure what it is, but it did warrant a day off from work.  I ended up sleeping till about 1pm, after shooting and that helped a bit.  I did go to the gym and yoga, because I’m completely incapable of resting effectually. 

Breakfast 3.26.08-Twigs and Bananas
breakfast 3.26
Kashi Good Friends Cereal
1% milk

Lunch 3.26.08: Finally Falafel
lunch 3.26
Baked falafel
Tahini and lemon sauce
Whole Wheat Pita

 Dinner 3

Dinner 3.26.08: I’m a legume lover
dinner 3.26.08
Lentil Soup
Salad with tomato, lettuce, tomato, cucumber, blue cheese and low fat vinaigrette
Cranberry juice

 Exercise Tally:
30 min run
30 min elliptical
90 min Bikram Yoga

 Now it’s time for more napping.