I was so close to calling in sick.  Truth be told I am feeling a bit under the weather, but I was already up and shooting for today, so it seemed logical to just go to work.  Also, I’ve got less than 3 weeks till my stairclimb, so skipping the gym is not an option.  I have little time to make sure my ass is totally in gear.  I’m getting scared.  I’m remembering the pain that was my torn calf muscle a few weeks ago.  Wait, am I bitching?  That’s annoying, who wants to read that.  Life is fine, and there are tasty if not slightly redundant morsels to be ingested.

 Breakfast 3.25.09: Elvis would be proud
Breakfast 3.25
Whole wheat english muffin with peanut butter
Orange juice (I’m so not a juice drinker, this is hard for me)

I love my roommate, he’s awesome, but I was so not in the mood to eat solid food this morning and a smoothie would have been ideal, I wish he wasn’t home so that I could run the blender in noisy bliss, but alack he was sleeping soundly and the toaster is much less noisy than the ice-crush setting on the blender.  Oops, bitching again.

Lunch 3.25.08: Same shit different day
lunch 3.25
Sandwich with organic turkey breast, lite cheddar and mustard on whole wheat
Carrots and ranch dressing
Grapes (I prefer green to purple anyway!)
Fage 2% yogurt with strawberry 

 Have I mentioned that I spend way too much money on yogurt.  Really there’s no excuse for it other than I have an addiction bordering on really weird with yogurt.  Mmm, so creamy, so dairy-like, mmmm…

 Tonight I’m hitting the gym right after work for a run, some stair climbing, then heading over to the yoga studio for a quiet night of Bikram yoga.  I will then come home catch half of Biggest Loser and proceed to throw things at my television.  Yay.