Today is the first day of month two of the SELF Challenge.  I haven’t read the new issue yet, but I skimmed the eating plan this morning and it looked the same.  I’ll pick up this months issue during my lunch break.

There’s something refreshing about Monday’s in regard to knowing that there will be routine for the next 5 days.  I’m not always the best at maintaining a healthy lifestyle during the weekends, but the weekdays I’ve got down!  I did however book my airfare to Miami, for the Stair Climb and I have three weeks to left to prepare so the gym is going to be a top priority for me. That and fundraising, so if you have any cash hanging around I could definitely use it (it doesn’t go to me, it goes to the American Lung Association).  Here’s my fundraising site: Donate here!

Alright, food.  Considering I bought out the grocery store yesterday I am well prepared for today!

Breakfast 3.24.08: A clean colon is a happy colon!
breakfast 3.24
Kashi Good Friends High Fiber Cereal-otherwise known as eating twigs.
1% milk
Orange juice

You’ve got to admit, that’s one vitamin heavy breakfast right there.  I felt like I was taping a cereal commercial this morning.

Lunch/Snacks 3.24.08
lunch 3.24
Turkey sandwich with lite Cheddar on whole wheat bread
Carrots with ranch dressing
Fage low-fat yogurt with honey.

Yogurt with honey is like my favorite food in the entire world, with exception to buffalo wings.  I’ve been lamenting the fact that the yogurt with honey variety only seems to come in full fat, when I saw a lone container of 2% yogurt with honey.  There were no signs of any other packages so I snatched this one up and greedily left the store in triumph, muahahahaha!  Also, I would like to state for the record that sodium-free bread (as seen above) is gross.  There, I’ve gotten that off my chest.  Ick, give me salt!

 Today is an exercise free day, I have rehearsal, then a comedy show I have to go to, then 3 hours of sleep to get before Tuesday starts.