I very rarely have quiet time and when I do I luxuriate in domesticity.  I find comfort in grocery shopping, cleaning, cooking and the general bliss that is being a homebody.  I spent way too much money on groceries today, but they’re all foods I can’t wait to eat!  I saw a great recipe for baked felafel yesterday on The Food Network which I plan on making tonight. Stay tuned for pictures.  Meanwhile I’ll spend the rest of the day exercising (it’s Easter, so I doubt my gym is open, I’ll do an exercise video), writing, and reveling in the joy of being home.

Breakfast 3.23.08: A pastel breakfast for Easter
breakfast 3.23
Smoothie made with:
Low fat plain yogurt
Fresh Strawberries
Sugar free vanilla syrup

Lunch 3.23.08: Just your everyday garden variety salad
lunch 3.23
Salad with:
Lettuce, Tomato, Cucumber
Crumbled blue cheese
Grilled Chicken
Low Fat Balsamic Vinaigrette

Back to the couch!