Well it’s 10:30 and I’m at home. I do plan on going to work today, but it’s looking like a half-day in the making.  Today’s episode was fun to shoot and we’ve got some great ideas in the works on how to make the show more entertaining, always the goal.  I woke up at 7:22, god, when am I going to get back on track in regard to waking up?!  So, quick make up and a sprint through the rain got me to the studio by 8am.  Now, I’m having my breakfast and getting ready for the day (however short it may be) ahead of me.

Breakfast: 3.19.08-Because drinking is quicker than eating
breakfast 3.19
Smoothie with frozen raspberries and strawberries and lite soy milk

Lunch 3.19.08: Same ole,  same ole
lunch 3.19
Turkey sandwich on whole wheat
Carrots and ranch dressing

 Today is disgusting, I think I’m definitely sticking to exercise videos in the comfort of my own home tonight.