Well, the day off from rehearsal was nice, but now it’s back to the grind.  Tonight I run and meet a friend for 90 minutes of Bikram, it’s quite a calorie torching night, and since I don’t eat dinner until 10pm-ish, and often times am too tired to eat when I get home, I try to eat a decent variety during my daylight hours.

Breakfast: 3.18.08
Breakfast 3.18
Weetabix and strawberries with 1% milk
Coffee w/1% milk and splenda
Orange juice

I’ve never really been much of a juice drinker.  I would way rather eat fruit than drink it, and most of the time juice is just way too sweet for me.  Having said that, I have a ton of juice left over as mixers from my party on Saturday and I don’t want it to go to waste, plus it’s good for covering up the taste of my disgusting multivitamins.

Lunch/Snacks 3.18.08
lunch 3.18
Turkey Sandwich on whole wheat (with chipolte mustard, ooh)
Carrots and ranch dressing
Greek Yogurt with Peach

I feel like my food choices for today were very mindful of the SELF Challenge eating guidelines.  I still feel like I have to eat more fruits/vegetables than is reasonable (I mean I think I still need like 4 servings after what I’ve already planned for today, eesh!)

Challenge: I bought girl scout cookies from a co-worker for his daughter.  Now I must find people to pawn them off on.

3-mile Run
90 minutes of Bikram yoga