Okay, this isn’t a particularly Irish dinner, but it’s got some green in it.  It was really nice to eat a meal at home on a Monday night.

 Dinner 3.17.08
dinner 3.17
1 cup pasta (not whole wheat, I was out)
1 zucchini (yup the whole thing)
Chicken thigh
1 tsp. Olive Oil
1 tsp. fresh Parmesan cheese
other seasonings

My friend brought cupcakes to my party on Saturday.  They’re an old weight watchers recipe which includes cake mix and diet soda, for low calorie cake/cup cakes.  There were some left over, so I had one topped with fat free cool whip.  I’m not usually one for such processed foods, but I needed chocolate.

Dessert 3.17.08
dessert 3.17

Okay, now I’m off to squeeze in some exercise and get a real nights sleep.  Woohoo.