For what it’s worth today was a very productive day.  I even had good train karma, and when you’re reliant on public transportation that’s saying something.  After brunch I cleaned my apartment from yesterday’s hijinx, and set off for rehearsal.  Afterward I went grocery shopping, let me tell you, Whole Foods by Central Park on a Sunday is worse that black Friday, it’s every man, woman and child for themselves.  Even amid the chaos of snobbish food consumerism I find the process of grocery shopping very empowering and calming.  Once I have food for the week ahead things always seem a bit brighter.  Once I got home, I hit the gym for a 3-mile run which was so needed and totally invigorating.  I just had dinner, and now I’m off to do research for this weeks episodes of The Daily Special.  I find productivity to be unbelievably comforting.

Dinner 3.16.08: Salty but otherwise nutritious
 dinner 3.16
Tomato soup
Whole wheat flat bread (toasted) with hummus

Exercise Tally
3-mile run