Well here’s the recap for yesterday.  I did workout!  I did two exercise videos, The Firm: Jiggle Free Arms (which is part cardio), and The Firm: Jiggle Free Abs.  I’m glad that got done because the rest of the day was definitely not challenge friendly.   The party was great, but I am seriously in need of a detox now, I had many a jello shot, whiskey shot, and spiked lemonade.  I don’t need to see alcohol for a few days (Purim is Thursday which will also be a heavy drinking holiday.)  I made a lovely corned beef and cabbage plate if I do say so myself, the reviews were excellent, and there was a lot of snacky foods, Irish soda bread, and perhaps a pizza that was ordered around 2am.  Sometimes I feel like I’m still in college.  Life is fun.

party food

Now for today.  I have a rehearsal till 6pm that I’m leaving for shortly.  I’ll probably come home and hit the gym for a run.  I really could use a good aerobic workout; I feel totally weighed down by activities last night. And this morning, a bunch of my friends stayed over last night and we went out for brunch this morning.  I tried to make a positive choice, but. . .

Brunch 3.16.08
brunch 3.16
Egg white omelet with tomato, onion and feta cheese
Home fries
Rye toast, butter on the side
Coffee w/real sugar

This meal will probably carry me through the majority of the day because I’m out and about the rest of the day, so I don’t feel too bad about it, but there needs to be a lot of water and exercise to make up to my body for my mischievous ways.