I’m having  a St. Patty’s day party tonight, woohoo!  I spent last night making jello shot, half are made with sugar free jello, how diet conscious of me!  I’m off to buy beer and mixers in a bit, perhaps some snack food too.  I’m not expecting to be SELF Challenge friendly this evening, but that doesn’t mean the rest of my day will be willy-nilly.  I started the day off right with some yogurt and low fat granola.  Since only plain low fat yogurt is challenge friendly, I blended up some frozen raspberries a drop of vanilla and some plain yogurt for some truly refreshing yogurt.  I have to say it was way better than any of those pre-mixed saccharined super market versions.

Breakfast 3.15.08: Fresh/Frozen rasberry yogurt
breakfast 3.15
Low Fat Plain Yogurt
Frozen Raspberries
Dash vanilla
Low Fat granola

I probably won’t get to the gym today, but I will do an exercise video while the corned beef and cabbage is cooking 🙂

Weigh in Results:
I stayed exactly the same as last week.  Not bad considering I didn’t work out as much as I usually do.

Alright off to get all the makin’s for a great St. Patrick’s Day Party!