Exercise Rocks!  I just needed to say that.  I was really thinking it after I finished my evening run tonight.  I ran about 3 miles, and it was a fight to get myself to the gym today.  Sitting at my desk at work all day wears me out in a way that all the running around I do the rest of the time doesn’t.  When the work day ends I feel so drained and slovenly and just want to go home and curl up with my remote control  Curling up in front of the TV is rarely a reality for me, but the fantasy still remains.  In fact, I’ve been working so much lately that I’ve been feeling perpetually exhausted.  I generally pull 19-20 hour days between shooting, my day job, writing, classes, rehearsals and performances, and well, the semblance of a social life I try to maintain.  I keep telling myself do it while you still can, because you won’t be able to forever, but it’s wearing me down.  When those thoughts about skipping the gym creep into my head and seem like very very smart ideas indeed, I have a hard time not entertaining them.  Today was one such day.  But, as I was on my way home on the train, I said to myself just go and get it over with, you can do anything for 45 minutes.  And I did, and it was seriously the best run of my life!  My heart rate was significantly lower, the distance seemed like nothing, and after the initial 10 minutes where I thought about food were over, it totally cleared my mind.  Luckily, my grocery store is right next door to my gym, and I realized as I was thinking about food during my run that my options for dinner were pretty slim.  So, I slipped in, bought myself a lean cut of steak and went home to grill it up. Yum!

Dinner 3.12.08: Attack of the killer tomatoes!
dinner 3.12
Garden salad with lite Caesar dressing
Lean cut steak with cajun seasoning
Whole wheat cous cous
Grilled tomatoes with basil

Okay, this was maybe a little much, my stomach is feeling a bit extended, but it felt good to eat a big meal.

Exercise Tally:
3-mile run
Strength training

 Now, I’m off to do my taxes and write.