I had a busy day out and about town but I did manage to get a Bikram yoga class in.  I can’t describe how amazing Bikram yoga makes me feel.  Saying that I feel clean and renewed afterward just doesn’t seem to cut it.  I can also say that since I’ve been doing it my body has changed tremendously.

The bad thing about Bikram, well when I do it on weeknights I don’t generally get home before 9:30, which means no dinner till after 10pm.  But hey, a girls got to eat.

Dinner 3.11.08: BTC on Flat Bread
dinner 3.11
Steamed zucchini
Whole Grain flat bread
Turkey bacon
Laughing Cow Cheese
Grilled Tomatoes

Mmm, I toasted this sandwich for 10 minutes and it was so amazing, I can hardly believe it’s challenge approved.  Yum!

Exercise Tally:
90 minutes Bikram yoga