I know a new fact.  That fact is that going to a concert on the same night as daylight savings time then getting home and doing work leads to a late start to the day.  I woke up at 7:35am!  This may not sound like such a big deal, but since I usually leave my house to get to the studio at 7:30 this was a problem.  Also, we were shooting with two different guests today so not only was I inconveniencing the crew, but our guests as well.  Ugh, I hate the feeling of letting people down.  Okay, no one really cared and I did my make up in record time and still go to the studio by 8am, but still, it set me off.

So, instead of eating before the show, I went back home to change afterward and “ate” a quick breakfast there.  I know that they say you shouldn’t drink your calories, but in the morning sometimes it’s a real chore to eat.  It really is just easier to drink breakfast in the morning sometimes.  Plus, I had some milk that is going to “go” soon, and wanted to finish that up.

Breakfast 3.10.08: Smooth Operator
breakfast 3.10

AM Smoothie
1 cup 1% milk
the motherload of ice
1 banana
1 Tbspn Peanut Butter
Dash sugar-free vanilla syrup

Disclaimer: I usually make my smoothies with soy milk because I like the thicker consistency.

Also, how cool is my reusable straw, talk about being green!

Lunch 3.10.08: Beans, beans the magical fruit; the more you eat the more you toot!
lunch 3.10
Vegetarian Chili
Baby carrots with ranch dressing
Babybel mini gouda

None for me thanks, Monday is my day off.