Hi all, it’s Sunday, and I think I consider this my day to not look bizarre and take pictures of all my food.  My Sunday’s are generally my day to prep for the week ahead, meet friends for lunch, grocery shop, do laundry, that sort of thing.  Tonight I’m going to a concert with my aunt and I have some vegetarian chili in the slow cooker.  I find Sunday domesticity to be very therapeutic.

Since I won’t be posting my daily menu today, I figured I’d do a little catch up with your questions from the comments.  Ask and you shall receive, and answer that is. . .

That’s pretty funny a pet cooking show. What’s it called? Maybe I can download it.

From http://www.foodnetwork.com/: Rachael Ray Feeds Your Pets
This hour-long prime time special combines two of Rachael Ray’s greatest passions: food and animals. Rachael prepares three homemade recipes for her beloved dog, Isaboo, who gobbles them right up! Rachael Ray Feeds Your Pets entertains and informs as it brings practical advice about safe and nutritious food for your pets.

I seriously can’t get my head around this one!

Are u counting calories too?

Nope, I’m definitely not a calorie counter.  I really believe that food should be enjoyed and not obsessed over.  I committed to doing the SELF Challenge before I even knew what it would entail; I must say I’m glad that the program plan doesn’t require me to look up the calories of everything I eat.

I hear dairy/calcium helps weight loss too is this right?

Although I like to think myself a savant of all things nutrition based, I really don’t know enough about the calcium related weight loss studies that have been done recently to pass on the information.  I do know that those studies were funded by the dairy industry and should therefore be taken with a grain of salt, but I found an article on http://www.webmd.com/ that discusses the truths and misconceptions around this topic.  Here’s the link: http://www.webmd.com/news/20000417/calcium-low-fat-diet

What about water intake?

Good question.  I must say I was very surprised that the challenge eating plan didn’t specify a set amount of water to drink daily.  I usually drink about 8-10 glasses a day.  I drink soda once a week maybe, other than that I stick with water, coffee and milk.

How many lbs are you trying to lose total?

Ooh, that is the question isn’t it?  Honestly, I don’t have any real goals going into the Challenge.  My goal is to do the challenge (as best I can) and see what the results are.  I’m in general happy with my body, although I do know that I get stuck in exercise ruts, doing the same exercise routine for months even years at a time, so I’m very excited that the challenge requires me to shake up my routine.

Never heard of lavash bread before… is it some kind of wrap?

According to Wikipedia lavash bread is ‘a soft, thin flatbread of Armenian origin. made with flour, water, and salt.’  So, yes, it is a kind of wrap.  I usually buy it at either Whole Foods or Trader Joe’s.  You can read more about it’s origins here: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Lavash