Alrighty folks, I weighed in this morning. Drum roll please. . . I gained a pound. Okay, I can’t say I’m surprised or hurt by this revelation. I had a super salty dinner last night, and I’ve been working out less to rest my hurt calf muscle. Plus, my 4lb. loss last week seemed a bit high to me, I think some of that was probably dehydration.

Anyhoo, I went out last night (it was Friday, what could I do?) and didn’t post my dinner. I was at a bar in the Lower East Side of Manhattan. For those of you that don’t know NYC geography, the lower east side has it’s super hip and trendy spots and in other areas it looks like the slums of Hong Kong. I went to a cool bar (but I didn’t drink anything) but ate at a little (quasi-gross) dumpling shop. Now, apparently the dumpling shop owners don’t know that whole wheat is the new black, so well yeah, I guess I’m not doing so ideally on the challenge this week, but hey, I tried to stick with lighter fare.

Dinner 3.7.08: When in Chinatown do as the. . .well you get the picture
dinner 3.7
Steamed Shrimp Dumplings
Hot and Sour Soup.