So far so good, today is shaping up well if I do say so myself. I woke up, wrote a little, and then hit the gym. I went for a 30 minute run then did some weight training. I still need to get in my second set of the SELF Challenge strength training exercises and I may try to do that before I get ready for the day. On my way back from the gym I stopped at my favorite neighborhood coffee shop and treated myself to a small skim latte. Once I got home, I made a little breakfast, and now I’m off to clean a little, shower and head out for the day. It’s a long day, I’ve got a rehearsal, then a meeting and after that I’ll probably go out with some friends. Hey, the weekend can’t be all business!

Breakfast 3.8.08: PB & Latte
breakfast 3.8
Whole wheat english muffin with peanut butter
Skim latte

Exercise Tally
30 minute run
Upper body resistance training
SELF strength training routine
Booty shakin’

Now my question of the day:
Is it really necessary that Rachel Ray have a cooking show based around cooking for your pets?  Really?