Well it took all sorts of self convincing to get me to the gym right after work, but I’m afraid of letting my injured calf throw me off my routine.  I went.  I didn’t run for fear that that would further aggravate my already pissed-off calf, I did the elliptical machine and SELF Cardio challenge 1.   The thing about the elliptical is that it doesn’t really seem like a workout to me, even when I play with the resistance levels.  Running makes me want to die and therefore is satiating to my exercise expectations.  Being on an elliptical for a half hour is totally doable and what’s the fun in that!

I did however create handy-dandy cheat sheets for the gym.  I didn’t want to lug around the entire issue of Self everytime I hit the gym, so I printed out the workouts in super small font and taped each one to a separate index card that can easily be balanced on the aerobic machine magazine rack without obscuring the TV that I like to watch but not listen too in fear of invoking the rage of my ipod.  Hurrah, I feel accomplished.  It’s the little things.

cardio cards

After my not so strenuous, but calf safe, work out I went home and made myself a totally challenge friendly dinner.  I will now work on some editing for an upcoming sketch comedy show I’m working on, then do the SELF strength training series before sleep for my requisite 5 hours.

Dinner 3.508: Mmmm, all good things
dinner 3.5
Whole wheat pasta w/sauce
Grilled chicken
Steamed zucchini and summer squash

Exercise tally:
30 minutes Elliptical-SELF cardio challenge 1
SELF strength training series

I feel like I may have recovered from a potentially not so spectacular day.  Gold star.