Can I just mention that I tore my calf muscle when I was running those stairs in Texas last week. Yeah, seriously, I’m a spaz.  Only my left calf, but let me tell you stairs are brutal.  So, I’m going easy on my calf for a while, running might take a back seat to power walking (God, that sounds so lame.  I’m such an extremist.)  But, the yoga is still good for me.

 I got home from Bikram at 9:15pm, took a shower and made dinner 10pm.  Now I’m all super energized, damn!  I put together a salad, because, well, because I’m way too lazy too cook at 10pm.

Dinner 3.4.08: Lazy man’s dining experience
dinner 3.4
Romain lettuce, chicken, tomato salad
Newman’s Own Lite Caesar dressing
Whole wheat toast w/lite cheese (not pictured).