Hold on to your hats people this is going to be a long and boring road, I mean long car trip with Grandpa snoring in the backseat boring.  As I was making breakfast this morning I realized, I generally eat the same things for breakfast and lunch most of the week.  I like to shake things up with dinner, but breakfast and lunch tend to be stagnant.  Perhaps writing this blog will force me to mix up my eating habits.  God forbid I look like a monotonous eater on the interweb.  So, as you may have guessed, breakfast and lunch today look an awful lot like breakfast and lunch yesterday.  Tonight I’m hitting the gym for a run (SELF Challenge Cardio workout 1), and then off to Bikram yoga for 90 mins.  Have I mentioned my boobs are shrinking?  I’m concerned about this people, very concerned, I think many a chest press are in order.

Breakfast 3.4.08: Same shite different day
breakfast 3.4
Oatmeal with plain yogurt
Chocolate milk (1% milk with low sugar chocolate mix)

Okay, so some of you may be wondering about this yogurt in the oatmeal thing.  Some people are into sweet food, not me, I’m all about savory.  Ever since I can remember I have eaten oatmeal cooked super-duper dry with a dollop of sour cream and a load of salt.  What? I know.  But this isn’t just a personal quirk, my whole family eats it that way too.  Now, it took me till, oh, college to find out this was weird; going to the college cafeteria staff and asking for sour cream at 6am is apparently not an ordinary occurrence.  I’ve since convinced a few friends to try this family secret and they’ve liked it, so don’t judge.  I’m going to blame my Russian heritage, that’s really the only reasonable origin I can think of, Russian’s put sour cream on everything. 

Also, notice my lack of coffee.  Chocolate milk has always been a comfort food for me.  When I was a little girl my mom never ate breakfast–bad mom!  She did however always drink a glass of chocolate milk with all her vitamins in the morning–good mom!  So, I’ve always sort of seen chocolate milk as this mom-related drink that makes me all warm and fuzzy on the inside, plus it’s the only thing strong enough to cover the tastes of my she-warrior vitamins, eech.

Lunch 3.4.08: Hey, at least there’s cheese!
lunch 3.4
Whole wheat turkey and lite Cheddar sandwich
Baby Carrots with Reduced Fat ranch dressing
BabyBel mini Gouda (so cute!)

Half grapefruit (not pictured)

 Okay, so I have this little check off system for challenge foods, and I’m having some issues getting in all of my servings of everything.  I feel like I would have to add in another whole meal to fit all these requirements in.  Is anyone else having this trouble, there’s a lot of food to be had in the SELF challenge.