Oh my God, I’m in so much trouble!
This morning at 7:30 was our staff awards breakfast.  I definitely woke up at 7:28.  I knew I couldn’t get there when it started, and really didn’t want to walk in while someone was being given an award over french toast and dreary eyed compatriots, so I’m skipping it.  Uh-oh, hopefully no one will notice.  Ugh, I hate doing the wrong thing, I’m so a rule follower.

Also, my calves are sore like whoa.   You know how you’re always more sore the second day, that is totally how I feel.  I had a hard time hobbling into the bathroom this morning.  Stairs are evil, now you know.  My abs are also pretty sore, but they’ll survive.  I think the only workout I’m doing today is the SELF strength training, then I’m giving myself the day off.

Breakfast 2.29.08: When life gives you a coffee maker and an ice machine, make ice coffee
breakfast 2.29

ice coffee

I’ve been hoarding fruit from the fitness center, just for this very occasion.  I’m totally paranoid right now.