This will have to be my last post until I get back to New York late tomorrow evening, and something tells me my first instinct will not be to open my laptop and talk about airline food. 


  • I will not be working out today in fear that my calves will sue me for divorce.  Guys can’t we work this out?
  • I will work out tomorrow morning and do Self Cardio workout 3 and the Self Challenge strength training workout before my 7:30 am breakfast meeting.
  • Tonight I will be riding a mechanical bull.
  • I miss New York so much that I might make out with the plane on the way home.
  • Sunday I can finally grocery shop and buy SELF challenge approved foods and actually be a good example.

Lunch 2.29.08: I really did eat the green mashed potatoes
lunch 2.29

You can tell I’m stressed when I’ll eat anything that’s in front of me; green mashed potatoes included. Also, that apple did nothing to tide me over, I was starving.

Salmon with some sort of weird sauce.
Green mashed potatoes
a salad I forgot to photograph
2 rolls, yeah, somebody’s jonesing for serotonin, can you guess who?

 2.29.08 cake

I only had a couple of bites of that cake, then I moved it across the table, so that if I reached over for more I’d just look spastic. 

Home is so close I can taste it.   Mmmm, yummy New York.