I had to do it, I was really hungry, and the hotel dinner wasn’t all that bad.  It certainly wasn’t good for me, but the ravenous nature of my stomach totally took over.  Luckily I did do the SELF Challenge cadio workout 2 on the elliptical before I ate. 

Dinner 2.28.08: Yeah.
salad 2.28

The salad looked decently healthy with pears spinach, walnuts and diced peppers.  I personally would have gone with goat cheese instead of peppers for a more mellow taste, but I’m not in charge.

dinner 2.28

Some sort of breaded chicken with pureed artichoke and pepper stuffing
Cheesy orzo
Asparagus (because not only am I stuck in a hotel, but now my pee smells funny)

I really did eat almost all of that, I was so hungry.  I’m trying to figure out if any of that can be considered challenge friendly.

dessert 2.28

I didn’t really eat that, but my coworker took a picture of me with it.  Yes, that is how I look when I eat.

2.28.08 Exercise Tally
20 minute yoga video
30 minutes on the elliptical (self challenge cardio workout 2)