I have 12 hours of straight meetings ahead of me today.  It hurts.

This morning I ventured down to the food court/lobby to the same chain-bakery that I’ve been getting ye olde oatmeal every morning at, and realized I couldn’t fathom the idea of eating oatmeal again today.  The closest thing on the menu to a challenge approved meal was a yogurt parfait, unfortunately it had low fat vanilla yogurt instead of plain, but oh my god,  is it way better than that oatmeal!  I also woke up at 5am this morning prepared to brave the competitive nature of the hotel gym and realized Iwas just way too exhausted to run this early, so I did a yoga DVD instead and will try to force myself back into my trusty spandex pants at 9pm when all of my meetings are over.  Umm, is this hell?  What did I do to deserve this?

Breakfast 2.28.08: So fresh and so clean, clean:
breakfast 2.28

Yogurt w/low fat granola and strawberries (fresh fruit, I forgot that existed!)
Coffee, mmm, coffee

flat abs

Sara Ivanhoe’s 20 Minute Yoga Makeover: Flat Abs.