Okay, well I thought the day started off decently well, interesting meeting, I fulfilled my duties as proctor well.  My calves are killing me from climbing those stairs yesterday, but I’m morose and like soreness because it makes me feel like I’ve actually done something.  And then there was lunch. Lunch came and it was a shrimp Caesar salad.  I thought, hey lean protein, vegetables, what could be bad?  And it tasted fine, but my stomach is killing me now.  If memory serves me right there were a ton of participants last year at this conference that got sick from the food, I usually consider myself a gal with an iron stomach, but I think the shrimp and I don’t get along.  In fact, I’m sort of playing hooky right now to nurse my ailing abdomen.  But, besides the shrimp, something good did happen.  The waiters were going around with dessert (I know, who gets dessert with lunch, right?), it was apple strudel, and I passed.   The waiter looked very concerned that I didn’t want dessert and quickly said, “what if I can get you some fruit” and voila I had a beautiful plate of fruit in front of me, hoorah, will power pays off, if only my stomach weren’t already turning from the shrimp.  As those wise jingle writers of the 1980s said: You take the good, you take the bad, you take them both and there you have the facts of life. 

Lunch 2.28.08: Be careful what you wish for
lunch 2.28

Shrimp Caesar Salad

fruit plate
Awesome fruit plate that I shared with the rest of the table that was totally jealous of my new buddy the waiter.

Now, where did I put those tums?