I climbed 57 flights of stairs.  Yes.  It’s true.  But, I sort of feel like a loser, because my colleagues climbed the 15 floor stair well 7times and I only climbed it 3 with an additional 12 (you see my room is on the 12th floor, it was hard to resist).  So, part of me feels like the biggest rock star there is, and then part of me feels like I’m a total loser that can’t keep up with my co workers.  Ugh, but i climbed 57 floors damnit and that’s friggin’ awesome!  And, I did yoga this morning, and I finally did the SELF Challenge strength training series.  Okay, let’s talk about that for a minute.  On those cute little cutaway cards in the magazine it looks so super duper easy with the skinny model doing them.  Umm, yeah, it’s hard.  And, I wasn’t even doing it with weights.  I was using water bottles. 

weightsI did the workout while listening to the podcast version and looking at the magazine.  I’m pretty sure my hotel neighbors think I’m totally bizarre.  Blaring exercise videos at 6am, and now listening to someone repeating the ABCs 10 times through the wall.  Yeah, that alphabet leg exercise is no joke.  I will never look at The Count from Sesame Street the same way again.  I’m off for a run as soon as I finish this post.  It may seem like I’m over doing it a bit.  But I’ve been sitting in one spot for 9 hours, all I want to do is move, move, move. 

Lunch 2.27.08: Sort of healthy hotel food, what’s going on here?
lunch 2.27

The weirdest part of this meal was that it was totally cold.  I’m not a fan of cold pasta, but I was starving and in need of something besides powerpoint to entertain me.

Grilled Chicken
Grilled Vegetables
Pasta of some sort (at first I thought it was barley, but no such healthy-luck)
Tomato Sauce

Dinner 2.27.08
Lara Bar
Baby Carrots w/ ranch dressing

I’m hiding in my room tonight.  I need some non work related time.  So a dinner of the snacks I brought with me seems just peachy.

Exercise Tally for 2.27.08
20 minutes of yoga
57 flights of stairs climbed
SELF Challenge strength training
30 minute run
Paying attention for 9 hours!

I’m totally brain dead at this point.